Rated – Sidi X-treme Boots SRS

The Sidi X-treme (X-3 in the USA) is a mid to high end motocross boot. It sits one step down from the legendary Crossfire 2, offering a lighter slightly less protective alternative. It’s also a little lower dow... Read More...
Sidi Adventure GoreTex © Brake Magazine 2016

Rated – Sidi Adventure Gore-Tex

The Sidi Adventure Gore-Tex is currently the king of an ever expanding adventure boot market. In a segment that has yet to find a design ethos with any consistency, where every adventure styled boot...
How to ride logs © brake magazine 2016

How To – Ride Logs

Trees can be pretty inconsiderate things. They’ve got a fantastic habit of taking their rest across trails and providing a slippery, crash causing obstacle. However, learning to get yourself over a decent sized tree trunk need not be a fear inducing exercise.
Acerbis Adventure Suit © Brake Magazine 2016

Rated – Acerbis Adventure Suit

The adventure clothing market is a flooded place. Dozens of suits made by even more brands complicate matters hugely. Acerbis are an Italian company that specialise in motocross and enduro parts and clothing. T... Read More...
KTM 1190 Adventure R © Brake Magazine 2016

Rated – KTM 1190 Adventure R

The motorcycle community has an odd way of remembering bikes. In every segment, amongst all generations, there are key bikes that hold space in people’s memories. No matter what happens or how good bikes become... Read More...

How To – Cross A River

Crossing a river is part of adventure riding. Everyone will come across a monster at some point. They are at once both fun and a bloody danger.
How to ride sand © Brake Magazine 2015

How To – Ride Sand

What should you carry in a toolbox; an impossible question right? There’s no way you can carry the perfect tool for every situation. So what you do take is a selection of tools that can cope with any job. Tha... Read More...
How to Stand on a motorcycle © Brake Magazine 2015

How To – Stand Up Properly

At Off Road Skills, How To… is kinda what we do. Our entire team is made up of folk who love teaching as much as they love riding. If you want to know why we do a certain lesson, no problem, we’ll explain. If y... Read More...