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Feature articles are the backbone of any good magazine. This is where we bring you the interesting stuff, interviews, how to’s, inspiring rides and more.

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We’re going to Dakar 2020

To watch the video click the play button above. Yup. It's true. The Brake Magazine Crew are going to world's toughest event and we're gonna film fr... Read More...

Watch – How To Use the Front Brake Properly

Brakes. I mean, they're important. We even named our magazine after them. It might not be a great magazine name but using the brakes well is easily one of the most important core skills of riding. Using them on and off-road well, is an almost identical technique.

Watch – How To Powerslide

Click the pay button above to watch the video. Is there anything cooler than a sweet, sweet powerslide? We're pretty sure only wheelies come close.... Read More...

Video – 2018 Dakar Preview

Click the play button above to watch the full video. The Dakar Rally has had an explosive few years. Three years back Cyril Despres retired from raci... Read More...
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