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Sometimes it snows and you can’t do anything about it. In the UK we like to moan about it, buy lots of bread and pretend like we’ll die if we go out in it. That’s not true however, so we headed toward the snow to figure out what it takes to keep things upright and moving forward.

We sure learnt a lot quickly. Essentially adventure bikes are a bit shit in the snow, but they’re at their worst when a dusting of snow covers tarmac. It’s doable but difficult. We also figured out that riding on snow isn’t a whole lot different to riding on really slippery mud. It requires maximum finesse, patience and good off-road technique. Keeping the RPM very low, using your clutch to feed drive in and take it away and standing up well all made a huge difference.


What do you think? Did we miss any tips out? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for watching.

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Llewellyn Sullivan-Pavey

Photographer, Videographer, Writer, Motorcycle Racer, Dakar Rally Finisher and BRAKE Magazine's big dog, Llewelyn really likes to do things involving motorcycles. He also likes bicycles, coffee, pop punk and making horrendous puns.

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