Sharing is the foundation of the travel/adventure and touring community. Without the sharing of information we’d never have grown, we’d never have the information we do. It’s the open source nature of the modern age that makes so much of it so great. From forums of knowledge sharing like XLADV, Horizons Unlimited, Visordown, REVER and MC Touring to very framework that Brake Magazine is built on, sharing is very much caring. Quite simply, it’s a social platform for you to find tracks, share tracks and get inspired on where you want to head next.


The site is clean, user friendly and all the routes can be paired with images and review text. It’s like a sister to the REVER that we didn’t know we needed until we were shown it. Users have uploaded routes from across the globe and getting involved will only make it better for everyone. Need an example? Our superb Swedish Link Travel Story is ready to download right here. So whether your looking for inspiration in your local area, have been on some sweet rides or are planning your RTW, is a tool we can all make the most of.  Oh and the site is entirely donation funded. Not too shabby.


You can find the site by clicking here.

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