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Head Up Display’s are coming and they’re going to be awesome. Is they’re anything closer to ‘the future’ than having a head up display? It’s Science Fiction, only now, inside our helmets and we couldn’t be more excited if we tried.

BMW launched their new concept model HUD at CES, the enormous electronics show in Las Vegas, and that is really significant. This is not a step for motorcycles, but a step for society. I can here the groans emanating from people’s mouths but stick with me here, this could change the level of safety, our enjoyment and the way we ride forever.

This isn’t Google Glass, it’s something that might actually be useful and you won’t be required to wear a ridiculous set of glasses with a prism on them. And if you still don’t think being a fighter pilot is cool then you could hide it behind a tinted visor.

At present we don’t actually have any details other than the above video and images. Without making wild speculation, it’s a safe bet that BMW are going make sure the product is good. They’ve joined up with HUD specialist DigiLens. The technology looks similar to kit that already exists in the companies portfolio for other industries.

Digi Lens have also announced a competition to help design the layout of the HUD system that’ll used, with a free HUD up for grabs. For more information on the competition click here.



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