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Oh wow. German brand SW Motech have hit us with the single coolest bike accessory we’ve seen in recent memory, the CX Carbon Fibre Crash Bar.

We’re used to seeing beefy, effective, metal based crash bars. There is nothing wrong that either. They’ve done the job for years, keeping our bikes together and on the move while adding a little aggressive, rugged visual attraction and lasting a long time.

Metal based designs are ubiquitous for all manner of reasons but Motech have just released the single best looking crash bars we’ve ever seen. Now looks aren’t everything and the nature of Carbon means they can be both brilliant and shocking at their job. They can be strong as oxen on rabies, won’t weigh anywhere near that of metal, will never rust and SW Motech claim they’re aerodynamically designed. Better than that however, the rocker cover can be removed without taking the crash bars off. It’s a thoughtful touch for the mechanics and repair men.

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The Carbon Complex

While Carbon Fibre isn’t the ultimate material, it’s about as close as we’ve got. The biggest downside to Carbon Fibre Composite is the cost and the CX’s are no exception, landing in the shopping cart at £1396,25. The design of carbon fibre does however mean that these crash bars are almost limitless in how strong they can be, with the design of the tubing, they lay of the weave and the resin properties all meaning that the carbon can be as good as SW Motech wanted.  The German company have stated that their design is highly impact resistant, which is undoubtedly important and would typically be seen as the biggest worry in a carbon product.

Carbon Fibre Composite is inherently incredibly strong and light, but is also brittle so when the limits of the material are reached it sheers. There is no stretching as it approaches fatigue, as you’d find with steel and so salvaging a damaged part isn’t realistic. That could mean that regular off-road crashers might think twice about the crash bars. However, that shouldn’t factor into the equation because if the part is well designed, the reality is that something else is going to fail before the carbon fibre does. One of the biggest myths surrounding carbon is the single directional strength it possesses, something that has been overcome with more modern development. The reality is that well designed carbon is far superior to metal. Don’t believe us? Then watch this video of bicycle company Santa Cruz pitting Carbon, Steel and Aluminium bikes in stress and impact tests. It’ll blow your mind, we promise.

The SW Motech CX crash bars are available for all of BMW’s Liquid Cooled 1200 engines, so that includes any 2013 model R 1200 GS or GSA onward and the new R 1200 R. Other than the money making you baulk we can’t think of too many reasons why you wouldn’t want crash bars that look this good. You find out how to aquire them by getting in touch with MotoHaus here.

Let us know in the comments, would you use them?


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