Spada Intrepid Review © Brake Magazine 2016

Rated – Spada Intrepid Helmet Review

British born brand Spada are not a high-profile riding gear brand. They do however have a range of products that cover almost any type of riding at very reasonable price. We put their Intrepid Adventure styled ... Read More...
What Makes a Helmet © Brake Magazine 2015

Feature – Inside your helmet

The difference between a £50 helmet and a £300+ Arai, Shoei or Shark is one of the true mysteries in motorcycling. Whilst parts upgrades, tyres, knee braces and boots can all be tested by journalists and cons... Read More...
Touratech Aventuro Helmet © Brake Magazine 2015

Rated – Touratech Aventuro Helmet

Touratech might just be taking over the world. Just a few short years ago they made bits for adventure bikes. Now they quite literally make more than my small brain can compute. Walk into a Touratech shop, or p... Read More...
Shark Explore-R © Brake Magazine 2015

Rated – Shark Explore-R Helmet

Bags of function, bags of safety and aimed at the dual-purpose helmet market, we’ve tested Shark’s Explore-R over thousands of miles on and off-road to find out what it’s really like. With Arai and Shoei on th... Read More...