The Litas – A Beautiful Motorcycle Film

Riding motorcycles provides all of us with something we can't get elsewhere. For some of us, it's the rush and adrenaline forced through our brains. For others, it brings a singular focus that calms us in a way... Read More...

Watch – How To Wheelie Part One

Wheelies are one of the few things that everyone wishes they could do. Some of use spent enough time messing around as a child to be pretty damn good at them and the rest of us didn't. But don't despair. Minitip Monday is here to save your day.

Watch – Our Garden

To watch the film click the play button above. Looking for something to help you get up and go? Welcome to our first ever Brake Magazine Original Film, Our Garden. As a publication, we're really blessed. We ... Read More...
2017 Husqvarna 701 Enduro Review © Brake Magazine

Watch – A Guide to Basic Suspension Set Up

Suspension is the most dark of dark arts. It's complex, confusing and small alterations can have big effects. With so many variables in your hands it can feel overwhelming. Yet getting a base understanding of s... Read More...

Watch – How To Use the Front Brake Properly

Brakes. I mean, they're important. We even named our magazine after them. It might not be a great magazine name but using the brakes well is easily one of the most important core skills of riding. Using them on and off-road well, is an almost identical technique.

Watch – How To Powerslide

Click the pay button above to watch the video. Is there anything cooler than a sweet, sweet powerslide? We're pretty sure only wheelies come close. This week on MiniTip Monday we set out to teach you how to ... Read More...

The Brake Life – Episode #001

Click the play button above for video. New beginnings, new things and loads more video content. We're in a transition and hoping you're going to join us. The very first step is a change of scenery, a different... Read More...

Video – Man falls through bridge

Mmm, yup. It is what is says on the proverbial tin. Two mates, out on a adventure, arrive at an abandoned rail road bridge. As they head into the crossing, the thing literally falls to bits.