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Looking for something to help you get up and go? Welcome to our first ever Brake Magazine Original Film, Our Garden. As a publication, we’re really blessed. We live and work in one of the coolest spots for bike testing in the UK. Sure it means we have to drive further to get bikes but when we fancy a ride we’ve got epic trails and even better black top.


Our Garden is a film designed to inspire you to get up and go riding. It’s about breaking out of that work cycle and doing something epic because you love it. Even in the UK, we don’t have to travel far to get out of the city and into some remote, stunning terrain. We spent a full day with an epic slow motion camera, an even more epic camera man called Lee and our Editor Llel ripping a Ducati Multistrada on a perfect, sunny South Wales day.


Spend the next four minutes of your life getting excited and spend your weekend doing you best to get away from the real world. Have a great few days. Throw your epic photos down in the comments, #brakemagazine on all of the social platforms and remember, life’s better when you’re riding.



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