8 Tips for winter off-road riding!

MiniTip Monday is well and truly in full swing. Season one is nearly finished on Patreon and it’s more than six episodes ahead of Youtube. In this episode we’re breaking down some of my top winter riding tips for making the experience of getting muddy a whole bunch nicer.


I love winter riding but that’s not always been the case. No one enjoys being cold but finding the balance between be well prepared well for the cold and not feeling like a human interpretation of a marshmallow is tricky. Movement is important to enjoying off-road riding and so in this video I’ve jotted down my top tips for bike prep and gear prep to get yourself ready to brave the cold. Down below you can also find a gear list. If you’ve got any further suggestions on questions, ask away in the comments section.

  • Hand Warmers – Barbusters Blizzard’s
  • Heated Grips – Enduro Engineering Grip Warmers
  • Gloves – 100% Brisker
  • Over Gloves – Acerbis Rain Glove 3.0
  • Goggles – Scott Prospect with Enduro Lens
  • Heated Base Layer – Avade or Venture Heat

Thanks for watching!


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