Review – Africa Twin 1100

The Africa Twin has evolved. Bigger, lighter and badder than before. We took it to Portugal and spent a week learning it’s ins and outs. Our review was conducted on the Africa Twin 1100 Standard, Honda’s most off-road focussed version of the bike.


In the time between the reboot of the Africa Twin and the release of the 1100 a lot changed in adventure bikes. Some got bigger and a few got a lot smaller, faster and lighter. Honda came back with a fight, doing the very same to the Africa Twin.

It’s down on weight, up on power and torque. This leaves two main questions. Is that good enough for Honda fans? Will it keep them on brand and upgrading in the same numbers that the original bike sold? And is it enough fo it to start winning group tests? Will it convert the moderates?

What do you think of the review? Do you have any questions? Let me know down below!


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