Brake Magazine – Funding, Changing Content and Having a Good Time

The last six months have been interesting… So I’m gonna change how Brake works, what my effort will be directed towards and the video’s I’ll be making. Thanks for the last few years too. They’ve been fantastic.

If that’s too long to watch, go no further. Essentially, Brake and the effort put into it has been primarily funded by advertising money from some fantastic companies the last few years. I’ve made the gap with other work, teaching for my folks training school and making videos but currently the advertising side has gone.


It’s also taught me that in chasing that path, I maybe haven’t been doing things in the right way or for the right reasons for a little while. I want to make the videos I enjoy making, for the right reasons and the right reason is not get more subscribers. It’s to make videos about riding motorcycles because it’s a privilege to be able to do so and it’s fun.


So how I structure the finances of making these videos happen is going to be centred around Patreon and the two tiers on offer. In reality it’s the same as subscribing to a normal magazine. The first teir is called Brake Subscriber. For the price of a jazzy Starbucks ($US 5), you’ll get one month early access to all Brake Magazine videos that aren’t exclusive to the Gold Subscribers. That means you’ll see reviews, travel films more long before the general public. you’ll also have more insight into what I’m doing and planning through Patreon updates and you’ll also get discount in the shop on everything I sell there.



The next Teir up is the Brake Gold Subscriber Teir. Here, I’ll be airing The Secret Podcast and Mini-Tip Monday How To videos in seasons. Each season is ten episodes long. if you haven’t com across the The Secret podcast, well you’re missing out on something pretty damn cool. Check this link for an insight. As for MiniTip Monday… They’re awesome How-To lessons, broken down into bitesize chunks and released every Monday for 20 weeks of the year.



If you’re you’re not a Patreon subscriber and you want to know more, click the huge orange button below. I’m pretty sure you’ll like it!


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