How To

We show you ‘How To’ do in this tech tips section, featuring everything from bike setup to advanced GPS skills, travel tips and more.

How To Pick Up A Motorcycle © Brake Magazine 2017

How To – Lift a Motorcycle

To watch the video, click the play button above. How To... is kinda what we do. Getting your bike off the ground and upright is lesson one of our... Read More...

How To – Power Slide

How To... is kinda what we do. Our entire team is made up of folk who love teaching as much as they love riding. We've spent years mastering the art... Read More...
How to ride logs © brake magazine 2016

How To – Ride Logs

Trees can be pretty inconsiderate things. They’ve got a fantastic habit of taking their rest across trails and providing a slippery, crash causing obstacle. However, learning to get yourself over a decent sized tree trunk need not be a fear inducing exercise.

How To – Cross A River

Crossing a river is part of adventure riding. Everyone will come across a monster at some point. They are at once both fun and a bloody danger.
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