How To

We show you ‘How To’ do in this tech tips section, featuring everything from bike setup to advanced GPS skills, travel tips and more.

How to ride sand © Brake Magazine 2015

How To – Ride Sand

What should you carry in a toolbox; an impossible question right? There’s no way you can carry the perfect tool for every situation. So what you do ... Read More...
How to Stand on a motorcycle © Brake Magazine 2015

How To – Stand Up Properly

At Off Road Skills, How To… is kinda what we do. Our entire team is made up of folk who love teaching as much as they love riding. If you want to know... Read More...

How To – Change Brake Pads

Replace your own brake pads Part II of our two-part brakes feature this month takes you through the daunting to some, but actually relatively simple ... Read More...
Tents © Brake Magazine 2015

How To – Tent it up

Whether you’re planning a holiday or a full-on adventure, a tent has to be high on the list of things to strap to the back of the bike. We gathered ad... Read More...
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