Dakar 2020 – The First Steps

We’re going to Dakar in January 2020 and we’re filming every step. From training in the gym, to cracking mental toughness, building bikes and finding ways to pay for everything, we’re going to bring the camera for the whole journey from couch based legends to (hopefully) Dakar finishers.

Getting to the start of Dakar is a big challenge. It’s a riding skill, physical fitness and mental toughness test that is unrivalled in motorsport. One of our biggest graces with our attempt at tracing Dakar, is that we have time on our side. Whilst we’re in the process of developing our effort behind the scenes, one of the biggest and easiest hurdles to overcome is the fitness.


The beautiful thing about fitness in regards to Dakar, is that anyone can be immensely fit. It’s the most easily controllable variable in the whole race and is all about stacking the cards in your favour. By being as fit as possible we’ll be able to deal with everything that little bit better, so that’s exactly where our journey is starting. We’ve got a whole year to get ourselves as fit as possible, as long as we all put the work into making it happen.


The first episode in our journey to Dakar is about benchmarking ourselves. We’ll then repeat these tests in roughly four months time to compare the progress before we head to Merzouga rally to qualify for Dakar. Those tests will finally be retested before we head out to the start of Dakar. We’ve put down each benchmark and the results below, so you can compare yourselves if you fancy and keep us accountable.


Neil had to adjust some movements due to a small elbow injury.

Test One – Power Output

Row One (500m)Row Two (Distance in Previous Time)Row Three (Row Distance for Time)


Test Three – Work Capacity

Rounds CompletedDistance Rowed
Neil13(Air Bike for time due to Elbow)


From all of us, thanks for watching, reading and supporting us. This is going to be one hell of a ride.

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