Five Reasons You Should Be Riding Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes. Sweet little, raspy, powerful dirt bikes. We love them. It’s what pretty much everyone involved in Brake has grown up doing and they hold a special place in our heart. This is why you should swing your leg over one too.



Without doubt, dirt bikes are the most accesable, enjoyable way to get engrossed in off-road riding. They can get you moving around dirt roads quickly, all the way up to being one of the best riders in the world. The best part, is that moving all your dirt bike skills to an adventure bike and disappearing off into the sunset is a very real possibility.


Remember that glorious series, Long Way Round. One half of the now famous duo, Charley, grew up hacking around fields on a dirt bike. He wasn’t some riding God, but he knew enough that him and his mate Ewan managed to galavant around the world. Charley was clearly the better rider and dirt bikes can do the same for you.

In our video, we’ve outlined some of the most transferable reasons you’re going to gain a lot from dirt bikes. We’re following that up with more how-to guides on riding dirt bikes before we dive head first into our project bike.


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