Five Steps For Setting Up A Dirt Bike

Dirt bike set up is incredibly important for making your bike work and having a great riding experience. The more of a beginner you are, the more it matters. In this video we break down the five steps to getting your bike dialled in.


Setting bikes up properly can be a daunting task. If you’re not a dedicated racer, pounding laps around the same track, in tune with your bike and what changes do what, it can feel monumental. The best place to start is with the basics. Get it balanced, get comfortable and then sped time on it.

In the video we’ve broken down the order and step you should take to getting comfortable and to understand some of what happens when when change different things. The first of those is always getting the bike handling well, by making sure the sag is as the manual says. From there, getting the rest of your bike working is much easier and it’ll make your experience of riding it ten-fold better.

If you’ve got any further questions drop them in the comments and I’ll do my level best to answer them.


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