Five Tips for Riding Gravel Roads – How To

When you figure out the art to flowing on gravel roads it is a wonderful thing. Corners turn into one long, endless chain of enjoyment and the grin spreads across your face as you crunch the miles. This MiniTip Monday tells you how I do it.


For the longest time I couldn’t figure out how to put videos like this into a minitip monday. It’s in my nature to give detail, explain the how and the why but over the last two seasons I feel we’ve got enough other lessons in the bank that more overview ones like this fit the bill.

I wouldn’t call this one mini either but hopefully it gives some good insight into the little things I believe add up to a whole lot of enjoyment on gravel roads, including the stuff I feel gets missed. Trail braking, vision and line choice are three of the most misunderstood parts of this, so hopefully the video will help.

As always, thanks for watching, thanks to everyone on Patreon and thanks to those that are supporting making videos.


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