For us, Covid-19 has turned into some much needed workshop time. We’ve been fettling, learning and pulling apart everything we can find. However, some jobs should not be left until down time to be done. In this weeks vide we’ve listed our five must important, most under rated tips to help keep your bike alive.


When it comes to working on your bike and making sure it’s alive and healthy, there are the obvious ones. Is my chain about to fall off, have my break pads gone metal to metal? Beyond that, are the items that are often missed. They might not been straight away, or thought of as important but ticking your way through this list will mean you always have a bike that’s fit and strong and more importantly, won’t let you down deep in the back country.


If you’ve got any maintenance questions about bikes, ask away! Thanks for watching!


Crafted By

Llewellyn Sullivan-Pavey

Photographer, Videographer, Writer, Motorcycle Racer, Dakar Rally Finisher and BRAKE Magazine's big dog, Llewelyn really likes to do things involving motorcycles. He also likes bicycles, coffee, pop punk and making horrendous puns.

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