How do you build a rally bike?

Racing Rallies is a great endeavour. Travelling, riding, drinking, see beautiful places all in one little parcel. but doing it is really quite complex, so we’re building a guide to show you how.

Like every good motorcycle based project, the vehicle you take is an important part. After all, getting from A-B isn’t really possible without something involving wheels. That’s a really different sport. So we’re starting with building the bike.

“The highlights for me were the WP Pro components suspension”

You can do most entry level rallies with any bike but I chose the ever present, true all rounder, the KTM 350. It’s been a staple of my life for a long time and I really enjoy riding them. Once you have the base bike the build needs to begin. Nav gear, fuel and tyres are the most important parts of the equation. You can’t physically do a rally without them.

From then on, it’s about you and the choices you want to make about the bike. Were incredibly kind to support the project with some of their best parts to help make this bike so good. The highlights for me were the WP Pro components suspension, the WP Steering Damper and the MotoMaster Oversize front brake, but we’ll come onto all of those in a later episode.



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