How To – Tow a Motorcycle

It’s Monday and Dakar just started. Feels about right for a MiniTip Monday inspired by the Dakar, right?

Learning to tow a bike is an adventure riding right of passage. If your bike hasn’t broken down and been towed to civilisation, was it even an adventure? Towing technique is surprisingly simple to enact.

We’ve broke down our two favourite methods in the video above, the classic footpeg to footpegs method and the less well know handlebar method. Both come with pro’s and con’s and both can make a tricky situation a fair bit easier.

If you need a little inspiration, Dakar Honda legend Joan Barreda Bort towed nearly 600km in the 2015 Dakar after his bike’s electrics were damaged by the drenched salt flats of Uyuni in Bolivia.

And lastly, if you fancy a life’s better when you’re riding tee, click the shop link above.

‘Till next week.


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