Improve your clutch control in minutes – MiniTip Monday

Clutch control is at the heart of all technical riding skill. Without a clutch riding a motorcycle is a pretty tricky experience. In this MiniTip Monday we’ve got a simple drill to improve your clutch finesse easily and quickly.

The difference me, you, and the very best riders on earth is finesse and understanding. It’s finesse of movement of controls and body and understanding the cause and effect that has. While that sentence sounds like philosophical b*ullshit, the sentiment is that if we can improve the precision and gentleness we have on the the bikes controls, we’ll be a better rider.


Learning where the clutch needs to be to move our bike and slow our bike down is a huge part of controlling it. More finesse makes everything technical easier. You’ll stall less, spin up less, have more confidence, loose weight and get better looking. Those last two aren’t true… Sorry. The tip I talk about in this video is incredible to simple to understand and repetition with it will make a substantial difference to how you use the clutch. I hope it helps your riding!

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