Is an old bike worth buying?

What is the point of buying an old bike? Does having crappy brakes and no-power ruin the enjoyment of riding motorcycles or are we too obsessed with going faster and doing more?

SWe have recently stepped into the world of old bikes like we never thought we would, testing a 1991 Africa Twin for our new series, Retro vs Modern. More importantly, the charm and aliveness of the old bike caught us off guard. We fell hard for the Retro bike while basking in the new bike’s technology.


In this video, Isaac breaks down exactly what it’s like to own a bike that’s older than he is, with beautiful camera work and some thoughtful insight. He’s making videos better than most other people and deserves some views for his efforts.

Let us know what you think down below; are you on board with the classic revolution or do you think it’s a bunch of hipsters drowning in nostalgia?


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