Learn to accelerate and easily improve your riding

As part of the growth and change of MiniTip Monday, I really wanted to incorporate two things. More female friendly content and more lessons where there is the possibility to watch someone else learn.

The art of effective, purposeful acceleration will transform your riding. The difference between being able to make swift progress when it’s needed, deal with short sharp changes in speed and being comfortable with the forces involved without holding onto the bars or just not having that skillset, is huge.

As I said, it’s truly a building block to all the fun and cool things you can do on a bike. 

You’ll find every hill climb, mud or gravel patch and other more complex obstacles get easier. New complex techniques get easier. Everything gets easier. So to0 will your gravel road riding, your general speed and your ability to get around acceleration bumps. For me, the process of being good at this skill and knowing you can do it is a huge building block in off0road riding. It’s the reason I picked this lesson for Lucy.

It’s never a video that will get a million views but it’s a skill I really hope some people pick up and try to improve after seeing this video. For Lucy, it was the building block she needs to take the step into more complex things such as technical or steep hill climbs, learning to lift the front wheel and riding logs. As I said, it’s truly a building block for all the fun and cool things you can do on a bike.

Happy MiniTip Monday everyone and thanks for watching!

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