Leatt’s ’23 Off Road Kit Range is Stunning


Leatt have just announced their 2023 Enduro/Trail Riding Collection and it’s stunning.

You may have noticed the last few years that both myself and the folks around Brake Magazine enjoy lightweight, functional off-road gear. Not too hot, lots of mobility and clean style. Leatt”s ’23 Off Road Collection ticks everyone of those boxes and I’m very excited by it.

For ‘the foreseeable future we’re going to be wearing Leatt Riding Equipment as we’ve joined forces. They are sponsoring everything Brake Magazine does. It’s incredibly exciting to be working with a company that cares a ton about making science first, well thought out gear that doesn’t turn you into an immobile RoboCop. You’ll be seeing a ton more of their kit in our videos soon.


The ’23 Range –

For ’23 Leatt have massively improved the options of gear suitable for Enduro, Trail and Light Adventure Riding. The new range includes a new range of fully waterproof gear (4.5 HydraDri), a water resistant soft-shell (4.5 Lite), a wind proof jersey (4.5 Windblock) and new waterproof and windproof gloves, the 2.5 Subzero and 2.4 Windblock.

As we head into winter I couldn’t be more excited about the prospect of having gear that’ll keep the winter cold at bay and make those sub zero morning ride-outs a little less fresh.

Jackets – 

Leatt have 4 Enduro/Trail Riding Jackets. I’ve summarised them below.

5.5 Enduro | Top of the line and feature rich. Pockets, tough as hell, neck brace compatible and a built in suspended hydration bladder pocket. This is the ultimate trail ride jacket.

4.5 Hydra Dry | This jacket pairs with the pants of the same name and is designed for those horrid days. It’s 20,000mm waterproofness will keep us dry in the snow, rain and misery of winter.

4.5 Lite | The 4.5 Lite is a soft-shell style jacket, with added abrasion resistance in the areas likely to touch down in a topple over. The Jacket is stretchy, water resistant for those spring or autumn days and is fitted with vents and removable sleeves.

4.5 X-Flow | HOT. This jacket is designed to work when it’s hot and I love mine. Massive mesh panels keep the air flowing, this jacket is the perfect rally style jacket.

Jersey & Trousers –

The Jersey & Trouser collection match up with the Jackets.

5.5 Enduro Trousers | Over the boot and designed for those long trail ride days.  This trouser is built to be tough, reliable and comfortable.

4.5 HydraDri Trouser | Pockets and Waterproof. I’m in. Matches the Jacket of the same name.

4.5 Windblock Jersey | A cold weather jersey that isn’t bulky is something I’ve been dreaming of for years. The added bonus is this jersey is made of sustainable materials.

4.5 Moto Gear | Since I received my first box of Leatt gear, the 4.5 gear has become my go too. Comfy, relaxed fit, clean colours and cargo pockets make for the perfect trail and enduro trousers wether I’m cruising on the ADV or ripping on the Enduro.


I’m fussy about gloves. Feel, grip and protection are super important and Leatt make great gloves.

4.5 Lite | A glove with a super safe flexible knuckle and a NanoGrip Palm, the best palm material I’ve used in off-road glove.

2.5 Windblock Gloves | Wind Resistant, Water Resistant.

2.5 Sub Zero Gloves | The same but more. Insulated, waterproof properties.


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