MiniTip Monday – Tips for wearing goggles

This week on MiniTip Monday we’re addressing some common mistakes we see for riders transitioning from street riding to off-road. Wearing goggles can be a total delight if you’ve got the knowledge and if you don’t, they can be a nightmare.

Our tips vary from buying advice to keeping your goggles clear, unfogged and useful when it’s raining. Looking after your goggles is absolutely key to getting the most from them, so being mindful of where you leave them, how you’re cleaning them and what’s getting on the inside, you’ll keep them in great shape.


Once you get the hang of using goggles you’ll have dust free eyes, some lovely airflow when its hot and life will be peachy when the trail gets technical. Using goggles can also give you some great flexibility for long days on the trail. Using light sensitive lenses, or a tinted lens and a clear visor for those longer days in saddle can be a great, easy solution. The other benefit of goggles is the flexibility to use different coloured lenses, try lots of options and carry them with you. Everyones eyes are a little different and for a not a lot of money you can experiment to find your perfect lenses.


Do you have any tips we missed or questions? Let us know in the comments below.


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