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An awesome Icon shot from the Norra 1000.

Newsworthy – 19th May

Newsworthy is our weekly news update. Instead of killing your inboxes with re-hashed press releases, we’ll pull out a few items from the week, write our thoughts on them and let you read the press release for yourself.

Be Inspired

We really, really REALLY like a visually exquisite slice of media. Nothing makes us wanna ride more than some incredible footage of folks travelling on bikes in incredible places.Jason Spafford of Two Wheeled Nomads is putting out some some savagely stunning content through his Vimeo page that is definitely worth a few minutes of your day.  Be inspired.

Click that HD button and put it full screen. You won’t regret it.

[vimeo 92026011  w=720]

Icon Variant

US brand Icon aren’t new to the ADV game and their Variant model helmet has been out for a while. The helmet stands out through it’s stripped-down style, wild ducting and it’s no graphics, no fancy painted finish style. As Icon puts it, the design is a “truth of materials amid the technicolor hordes.” That’s marketing lexicon everyone can enjoy. New to the 15-strong Variant range is this ‘Raiden’ model which is part of an equally new Dakar-inspired range of kit which from where we’re sitting is looking more than cool. The helmet’s look good and come filled with incredibly well named technologies including WORLDSTANDARD and LONGOVAL. We can’t ask for much more than that.

For all the info click here –

While we’re on subject of Icon, check out their crazy attempt at the Mexican 1000, a navigation rally run the same area as the legendary Baja 1000. It’s well shot and deeply american. Enjoy.

Once again, HD and full screen.


New kit is always exciting. New kit that comes in a incredible budget price? Even better. Weise have introduced a new series of rather good looking jackets, both of which come in at less than the price of a set of tyres and in some way or another do all the job’s you’d like them to be doing. For the full low down on the new Atlanta and Zurich Models click the link below and revel in the good looking budget-ness.

Click to learn more about Wiese Jackets –

More Africa Twin

There is no doubt, what ever happens in the months leading up to the Africa Twin release, you won’t escape it’s marketing power. Just a few days after the release of the rather cagey images of last week, the website of magazine Motorcyclist ran a story about some patent computer rendering’s of the new Honda. The real source of the images may be questionable and the article is slightly speculative but you can’t hide from the fact IT IS SO DAMN EXCITING. It’d be even more exciting if the renders didn’t make the bike look like a Varadero/CDX 500 love child.

Either way, make your mind up by looking at the full feature here – 

‘Till next week…

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