Newsworthy – 22nd September

Newsworthy is our weekly news update. Instead of killing your inboxes with re-hashed press releases or junk you don’t need, we’ll pull out a few interesting products, stories and other things we stumbled across from the week, write our thoughts on them and let you read the info for yourself. 

Africa Twin Suspension

Now this is probably the statistic we’ve been waiting for more than any other with the Africa Twin. You can read what we think about the rest of the bike here but essentially, having the travel to dominate the off road terrain we love so dearly is highest on the list. We’re full aware that putting junk loads of travel on a bike doesn’t make a bike good, hell it couldn’t be further from it. You only have to ride an F 800 GS next to the new Triumph 800 XCx to realise decent valving, spring weights and oil make a much better unit than having it really long. BUT, longer is better. Don’t believe us?

There is a reason that we don’t use twin shocks any more…  Anyway, the new Africa Twin suspension specs have been released and we pretty much got wasted on the spot. 230mm or there about is the supposed length, making the suspension longer than any adventure category bike in living memory.

We reached out to Honda for a statement and confirmation but as of yet they’ve not got back to us. Watch this space.

Kit By Troy Lee?

For those amongst us who aren’t from a mountain or dirtbike background Troy Lee won’t be a name that means much. Starting life as a racer, then a helmet painter, Mr Troy Lee of Troy Lee Designs has embarked on a path of world domination. Full head to toe kit, their own factory KTM race team, and now they’re tackling the Adventure Market.

Both lines of the adventure kit are heavily off-road biased with focus on light with and function over big, heavy, tarmac crash protection that a lot of ADV kit is designed for. It’s a cool take and will undoubtedly be a mid-range price point. You can learn more on the Troy Lee microsite here.

KTM 1050 Adventure+£1000+Free Panniers

KTM are going all out to sell their 1050 adventure and for £85 per month you can make one yours. That is an incredible price for a great bike. Inclusive KTM panniers, a trade in deal and great finance options all sound good to us.

To read the full spiel click here.

To read our review of the KTM 1050 click here.

Baja Designs LED’s

American Company Baja Designs are another off road racing brand born out of the world’s craziest, most american event possible, the Baja 1000. The point to point event runs right through the night and Baja designs have long been the brand leading the way in lighting up the trail.

They’ve got LED lighting kits to fit a bunch of different steeds. You learn more from the video below or click here to see pricing and such.

Discount Touratech?

We like Touratech’s suspension, it’s really, really good. We reviewed it here and Touratech have decided to drop a nice 15% off the price for September. If you want to know more click here or watch the video below to here what perpetual travellers Simon and Lisa Thomas think of their suspension.

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