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Newsworthy – 16 Minutes of Africa Twin Awesome

Newsworthy is our regular news update. Instead of killing your inboxes with re-hashed press releases or junk you don’t need, we’ll pull out a few interesting products, stories and other things we stumbled across from recent times, write our thoughts on them and let you read the info for yourself. 

Honda have got this marketing thing pretty sorted at the moment. As much as we want to turn around and be grumpy about things like to too much slo mo or flip helmets, we can’t find it in us to hate on this video. It’s straight up cool as hell and made us want to ride right now and do so on the Africa Twin.

The video makes the new Honda look really good in the dirt too. It handles the more difficult riding with confidence and is only adding to the Brake Magazine office level of hype. So trust us, click the video play button above, watch the video and then share the hell out of it.

There are some really great images in the gallery too, click on the tab above for the full selection of images. Honda have also released a full on press release detailing all the full specs of the bike. There is incredible amount of marketing waffle in there and but for those who are inclined to read it – click here.

At this point we couldn’t be more excited to ride this bike and we can promise when that happens we’re gonna make it the best bike test imaginable. Make sure you subscribe to email list at the top of the page so you don’t miss out and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

‘Till next time.

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