Dirty Dinning – A Cookbook for Travelling

Whether your idea of adventure is straddling a mud covered bike in the middle of a remote forest, or chasing the sun across the globe in hopes of finding the perfect lounge chair and a killer tan, there remains one constant; we all have to eat.

Lisa Thomas has been exploring the world on her motorbike for 14 years, and has learned the hard way that a good meal is not always easy to come by. Although it may be a challenge, it is not impossible, as Lisa sets out to prove in her new book “Dirty Dining”. Accompanied by hilarious stories and gorgeous images, Lisa attempts to teach even the most inept of us how to produce a beautiful meal with the most meagre of means. If you’re anything like me (I have trouble even when in a fully equipped kitchen, and toasting bread most often results in a burnt toaster and buttered charcoal), this book could not have come soon enough. “Dirty Dining” provides those of us that choose to venture outside the borders of civilisation with a comprehensive guide to keeping sustained, and satisfied.

What do you do when you have but a small set of ingredients, a lack of equipment, and a limited skill set – paired with an appetite for the finer things in life? Pick up Lisa’s book and find out.

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Full Press Release


This is the only cookbook you will ever need to pack. Get dirty and make your next adventure taste better! San Diego, California, April 14, 2017 — LISA THOMAS has been exploring the planet by motorbike for over 14 continuous years. Finally, for the first time, she shares her stories and “go-to” recipes in Dirty Dining: An Adventurer’s Cookbook. Each dish has been perfected, prepared, and enjoyed in the most challenging regions of the world. This is adventure dining. From comfort food and exotic dishes to sweet and gooey guilty desserts, adventurers and armchair travellers alike will appreciate each recipe’s simplicity and ease of preparation, along with the photographs and the tales of adventure that accompanies each one. This book is worthy of display on your coffee table, but you may find yourself popping a copy in your backpack or bike bag to made your next adventure taste better.


From the Author

This book is not intended to be a gourmet cooking guide but gets down to the nitty-gritty of how to create real meals when there is nothing much around to eat. In Dirty Dining, I’ve shared lessons learned from my time travelling the world and from my background as a health and fitness professional. I want to show you how, with just a small selection of basic foodstuffs, it is possible to produce quick, tasty and nutritious meals.

Visually stunning, this hugely entertaining book is packed with hard earned on the road experience, top healthy eating tips, and mouth-watering recipes that are so good you’ll want to be using them at home, too. Even novice cooks will find the recipes easy to follow; each is a taste bud journey and there’s no better introduction to the flavours of the world. For me, an important part of the beauty of this collection of recipes is that none will burn your travel budget. Never has so much tasty and practical cookery advice been put in one place with so much fun involved. I guarantee you’ll be smiling as you cook! — Sam Manicom, Author, Motorcycle Adventure Travel Books

“I’m a passionate traveler and cookbook collector and Lisa has nailed it: this is one of the best cookbooks I’ve seen in ages— I suspect this book will soon become one of the “must haves” for any overlander’s library.” —Roseann Hanson, founder and owner, Overland Expo

“Covering everything from essential ingredients and utensils, to making a campfire and the best ways to pack everything on a bike, the opening chapters are a perfect starter to whet your appetite before the main course.” —Iain Harper, Overland Magazine


About the Author

Lisa Thomas is considered the world’s foremost female adventurer rider, having ridden longer and farther in a single journey than any other female motorcyclist in history. Lisa’s occasionally lavish but often tough and extraordinary life is the stuff of legend. She has dined with Maasai warriors, business moguls, and presidents. She is an International Ambassador for global brands like BMW Motorrad and is on the advisory council for the Ted Simon Foundation. She is food lover, cook, keynote speaker, motivator, writer, photographer, and musician.

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