Newsworthy – Meet Honda’s Adventure Scooter

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Wait. What? An adventure scooter? Surely someone in Honda is taking the Michael? Is this worst example of jumping on the bandwagon in the history of motorcycles? I mean, even when sports bikes were huge, people weren’t out making scooters they claimed could rule MotoGP.


We can at this point safely assume Honda aren’t pulling our legs , they’ve even given the thing an adventurey name, the Honda X-ADV. They are genuinely building a scooter with Adventure in the model name somewhere, meaning the world has truly gone mad.


I mean, can you see yourself walking into the dealership and forming the words, “You sir, sales person. I wish to purchase that delightful scooter from the bandwagon train. It will be the vehicle upon which I will travel the globe, riding horribly difficult paths into the depths of the jungle to seek out lost civilisations and…”


I’m sorry, I got carried away. The point is, when Honda first suggested an Africa Twin, we wet ourselves. Yesterday they tried to spoon us a video of the Africa Scooter and I had to watch it four times to make sure this wasn’t an April fools joke. I mean, according the press release the thing even comes with ‘the spirit of adventure’ installed as standard… That doesn’t even need me to take the p*ss out it.

The whole concept looks as if they’ve taken us all for mugs, as though they feel like telling us something is a good idea will inadvertently transform a turd into gold. You cannot make gold from sh*t. My high school science taught me that and I refuse to be convinced putting bigger wheels and a foot forward position on a NC 750 is a good idea. You can do skids on a T-Max if you try hard enough and you can ride anything, literally anything, down a dirt road but that doesn’t make it adventure. What makes it adventure is actually being a theoretically capable, flexible, far reaching travel machine.


I may yet eat my proverbial hat and be sat on a scooter in 18 months time professing about the incredible travel machine it is but right now it’s bloody ridiculous and Honda should hang their heads in shame.


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For the press release click here.


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