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Newsworthy – How Brake Magazine is evolving.

Brake Magazine is changing the way feed our content to you. You may or may not notice it, but in the long run, it’ll be better.

At Brake Magazine we believe change and fluidity is important to creating the best publication we possibly can. We’re always looking to develop, alter, tweak and diversify and we’ve reached a point, after five issues of our beloved magazine, where we feel we need to take our first steps.

We’d decided upon a model of feature releases that mirrored traditional print material, with three week long issue cycles and after five great issues, we’ve decided it’s not an efficient system, not for you the readers, for the Brake Magazine team or for our advertisers. When things don’t work, evolve. Brake Magazine is going to evolve into releasing features more often, twice each week to be precise. One on a Monday and one on a Thursday. The quantity of great adventure motorcycle and travel content remains the same, we’re just feeding it to you more spread out. You’ll miss less and consistently have something to look forward to reading.

If you’re a subscriber, we’ll email you once each week on Monday morning about our recent features to keep you fully up to date. The end result will be a more constant feed of the content you love, still without being overwhelming or causing you to miss out. It’s a win win all round.

Thanks for reading!

Llewelyn Pavey.

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