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Newsworthy – The Light L16 could change photography for ever…

Newsworthy is our regular news update. Instead of killing your inboxes with re-hashed press releases or junk you don’t need, we’ll pull out a few interesting products, stories and other things we stumbled across from recent times, write our thoughts on them and let you read the info for yourself. 

We’re incredibly passionate about visual imagery. Adventure and Travel takes us to stunning environments, immerses us in fantastic situations, with unforgettable faces, wild life, weather and emotion. When traveling, capturing that can be tough. To get images of quality  is difficult and leads many of us to carry kit, lots of it.

What if there was a camera the size of a cell phone that could do what your DSLR could do? That’d be magic right? Silicon Valley based, million dollar backed company Light have developed the new Light L16, a camera made of 16 little cameras all with different lenses. According to the super slick video above, this really could be the ultimate travel camera. Our imaginations are going wild with the potential this thing has. Full optical 35-130mm zoom, sensors everywhere, post capture depth of field adjustment, RAW DNG files and in a package that can GENUINELY fit in your pocket.  If none of that last sentence made any sense to you, the sales pitch is that it’s like carrying a DSLR with a big zoom lens in your pocket and punching out huge photo’s from it, only small and easy to use.

Now, we aren’t going to pretend this is a pro shooters replacement, it’s not. There are too many things it can’t do, but the general basis of the camera, with full shutter, aperture and ISO control as well as shutter and aperture priority topped with full auto modes means that for capturing your incredible trips this could genuinely be a great solution. It’s slated to be filled with a chunky 128GB SSD too so it’ll have bags of space, meaning less memory cards are needed and no laptop. That keeps sounding better and better right? The full specs aren’t released yet and the camera isn’t super cheap, but if you’re considering DSLR kit, it’s not overly priced either with full retail at $1699

So, what do you think of the Light L16? Is it ground breaking? Is it a gimmick? Would you use one over your current solution? Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook.

For more on the new Light L16 click here.

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