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Henry Ford may or may not have once said “If we’d asked the people what they’d wanted, they’d have said faster horses.” Just sometimes people have to take a big step to the side of the current track to move forward. The motorcycle boot market is nowhere near as pivotal as the the early 1900’s car market but it a relatively stagnant thing.


Boot manufacturers have hit a point where the innovations are small and the changes in design are more refinements than revelation. Don’t get me wrong, boots are incredible now. We’ve got systems with replaceable soles, MX boots so comfy they can be worn for week, crazy clever hinge systems and epic waterproofing. Yet, despite all that, buckles haven’t really changed. Each company has their own variation of the plastic adjustable strap and that’s that. It clearly works, but then so did washing clothes by hand…

Non moto industries have been using the BOA® for boots for years. Snowboarding especially, is a big fan of BOA® closure. The BOA® is a ratchet wheel that attaches to cable laces throughout the boot. You simply turn the dial to tighten and pull to release. It’s a super nifty system that allows for millimetre perfect adjustment. The point of the last 200 words is that the Rev’IT Discovery Adventure boot is fitted with such a system.
The Rev’It Discovery is a boot that’s claiming to also solve all the problems we’ve ever had with a boot by having “the stability of an off-road boot, the ease of a touring boot and the ruggedness of a trekking boot, all combined into one powerhouse package.”
Sounds mightily impressive. The boot is also packed with branded technology. The drying is done by Outdry®, the sole by Vibram® and of course, the Boa® closure.


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Full Press Release


For riders who want it all, the moment has arrived: The new REV’IT! Discovery OutDry® boots are designed with the stability of an off-road boot, the ease of a touring boot and the ruggedness of a trekking boot, all combined into one powerhouse package.

With the latest technical components from premium partners in the outdoor industry like Outdry®, Vibram® and Boa®, the Discovery OutDry boots are true stand-outs in the adventure motorcycle market.


With the Discovery OutDry® boots, there’s no climate too harsh. In wet weather, a laminated OutDry® membrane provides full waterproofing on the outer boot and eliminates water pick-up – all without taped seams, thanks to the OutDry® patented one-piece, heat-bonded construction process. This integrated waterproofing system keeps riders drier, lighter and more comfortable no matter the weather.


For maximum grip and stability, REV’IT! brought together the expertise of the Italian company Vibram® and its own in-house developers, for the birth of the revolutionary Vibram® Apex sole: It’s specifically engineered for adventure motorcycling but offers the comfort of a trekking boot, and the added multi density EVA layer absorbs shock. The fast and convenient Boa® closure – a staple in the snow sports industry – creates a perfect fit with the simple twist of a knob, at a fraction of the weight of other riding boot systems.

Add these premium components together with safety reinforcements at the heel, toes and ankle, impact reducing sections at the shin, and abrasion resistant outer materials, and the result is a boot that changes the motorcycle adventure game.

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