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Newsworthy – SW Motech Adventurefy the NC 750

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The Honda NC 750 is a functional, simple to ride and incredibly popular motorcycle. While it might not top the list of most Adventure friendly motorcycles ever created, or the most exciting, people buy them and they’ve got a decent level off touring capability. German brand SW Motech have released a bunch of accessories to fit the little Honda.


After being put through a face lift for MY ’16, Motech set about adapting their product line to fit and have come up with some decent looking products to carry your clothes and protect your bike during your adventures. Despite being an ultimately bland bike, the NC 750 has been we received and rightly so. It’s won’t carry you gracefully to the summit of challenging single track but it’ll cruise down dirt roads, eake out miles and never break down.

Surprisingly, SW Motech have produced a set of panniers and crash bars that look like they might actually do a decent job of protecting the little Honda’s vulnerabilities, taking it from something you’d be mad to ride on the dirt to a bike that be comfortable on mild off-road. We like it, so you’ll find the PR spiel below.

“Honda’s popular all-rounders were face-lifted for 2016, and SW Motech’s R&D department adapted their accessories to suit – making them one of the first after-market accessory specialists with bike-specific add-ons for the new models.


TraX EVO aluminium side and top cases are perfectly suited to the adventure-styled NC750X. Waterproof, made from corrosion-resistant aluminium with fibre-reinforced hinges, TraX side and top cases offer 37-45 litres of storage. Cases are attached with the new EVO Carriers; their patented Quick-Lock system means that not only the cases but also the carriers can be removed in seconds. Prices start from £224.99 each for cases, side carriers from £176.99 per pair and luggage racks from £106.99.

Riders can also opt for the Blaze Panniers, which combine the best features of soft and hard luggage. The system uses a clever, Quick-Lock rail system, which is discreet, lightweight and doesn’t add width. Quick and easy to fit, it needs no drilling or cutting, or the addition of any extra tubing, brackets of fixings; simply clamp the Quick Lock Mounts to the footrest hangers, push in the rails, slide on the panniers and clip in place. The rails can be removed in seconds, leaving only the discreet clamps behind, and the machine completely uncluttered.


The Panniers are made from high quality 1680 Ballistic-Nylon, and feature a stiff construction to help maintain shape and make packing easier. They’re available in 28 and 42 litre capacity (per pair), and come complete with waterproof inner bags, reflective detailing and an optional cable lock for extra peace of mind. A complete system for the NC750S costs just £224.99.

For those needing additional carrying capacity the 13-litre Slipstream Tail Bag (£98.99) and expandable Enduro Strap-on Tank Bag (£110.99) complement both pannier sets perfectly.


A sturdy Engine Guard (£165.99) and Crash Bars (£136.99) are also available for the new models, as is a useful RAM Mount GPS Kit (£44.99), and Centre Stand (£144.99) – making washing and maintenance much easier.


The rider can also tailor the Hondas with Mirror Extenders (£44.99), a stainless steel Footrest Kit (£87.99) and KOBRA Hand-guards (£110.99).

All retail prices include VAT. For details of the complete range, contact Motohaus Powersports on 01256 704909 or visit www.motohaus.com.”

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