Newsworthy – The NEW Africa Twin on Video

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Now Newsworthy is normal a weekly endeavour where we select those snippets we feel are worth mentioning. The Africa Twin is more than a snippet worth mentioning. This is easily the most hyped ADV bike in recent history, and honestly this video kinda crushes a lot of the doubts we here at brake had. Watch and judge for yourself, but the bike looks like Honda may just have hit the proverbial ball out of the park into the next suburb. Only time will tell, but any ADV bike that can jump that comfortably has something good going for it.

On top of that, Honda really have the look of the bike dialled, the two colour schemes look exquisite, paying homage to the origin while keeping things fresh. The biggest reservation and something the forum hero’s will undoubtedly dine out on, is the inclusion of DCT. Whilst on paper it seems like insanity, one thing we’ve learnt over the years is that bike manufacturers are awfully good at taking stupid ideas and doing incredible things with them. After all, it was only three years ago we all sat here saying the off-road ABS and traction control were impossible…

The specs were “accidentally” dumped to one of Honda’s websites. Our cynicism kicks in pretty hard, Honda have an epic history of accidental leaks, it’s already happened once with this media campaign. All in the specs are vastly inline with the competition, putting nothing exciting on paper.

Supposed Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L Spec

Power: 70 kW (93 horsepower)

Torque: 98 Nm (72 ft-lbs)

Dry Weight: 208 kg STD (458 lbs) 212 kg ABS (467 lbs) 222 kg DCT (489 lbs)

Wet Weight: 228 kg STD (502 lbs) 232 kg ABS (511 lbs) 242 kg DCT (533 lbs)

Fuel Capacity: 18.8 L (5 gal)

Length x Width x Height: 2335 x 875 x 1475 mm (92.7 x 34.4 x 58 in) STD, 2355 x 930 x 1475 mm (92.7 x 36.6 x 58 in) DCT

Wheelbase: 1,575 mm (62 inches)

Seat Height (STD/Relaxed): 870/850 mm (34.2/33.4 in)

Ground Clearance: 250 mm (9.8 in)

Front Tire Size: 90/90-R21

Rear Tire Size: 150/70 R18


Enough of the rambling, watch and enjoy the video by clicking the play button above. It’s really worth the time.

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