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Newsworthy – Touratech Destino Adventure Boot

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Touratech’s riding kit lines have taken on a very unique approach to solving problems. Modular, innovative and very very unique, they also divide opinion immensely. The Touratech Destino boot has been crafted in the exact same mould. It’s different to anything else we’ve ever seen and that in it’s own right is pretty darn cool.


When the press release landed in the Brake News inbox, we didn’t know what to think. Touratech walk the fine line between extremely creative and slightly mad. However the search for the ultimate adventure boot is a complex and challenging one and fresh ideas will always be welcomed with open arms. Finding a boot that works exceptionally across the range of requirements for riding on and off-road has thus far been akin to finding El Dorado. We’ve stumbled across some fantastic products in the last 18 months, including the accidentally exceptional Sidi X-3 but if anyone was going to produce an off the wall product stuffed with crazy ideas, it was going to be the German giant.

The Destino is certainly packed with ideas. It’s an mx sized boot, with a relatively high run up the lower leg and what looks to be decent shin protection. It’s rocking a three buckle setup, which should allow for a more flexible feeling than an mx boot’s four buckles. Around the foot, the Destino has some TPU protection and comes with an optional metal toe protector that you can screw on.


Like most MX styled boots, it’s not waterproof. To get around that challenge, the boot uses an inner shoe that is waterproof. The beauty of the using an inner shoe design, is that the Destino has been designed to work as a proper shoe. That means you waterproof booty can be worn into town as a semi-acceptable public footwear garment. It’s a refreshing idea.

The main boot also has a cable loop that allows the boots to be securely attached to the bike too, meaning they can be left on the bike without worry. We’re still not quite sure to make of the boots, but sometimes the most genius moments in history were lauded as ludicrous.


What do you think? Are Touratech solving problems that didn’t need solving, or are the designers geniuses? Leave your comments below.


Full Press Release;

A Strong Impression: DESTINO Adventure


Now available in all designs: The new DESTINO Adventure riding boot combines a high level of protection with numerous comfort features and several completely new functions.


Even the name tells you where the journey is headed: the destination is adventure. And that’s exactly why the DESTINO Adventure sets out to cover the widest possible range of uses. It is a touring and enduro boot, sporty motorcycle boot, and leisure shoe all in one, with the requisite functional features combined in a novel integrated concept. Rather than being geared to one particular use, design considerations focused on the rider’s needs in different situations.


The DESTINO Adventure combines a high level of protection with maximum comfort. Made from waxed full-grain leather, the boot is reinforced with protectors. In the vulnerable toe area, there is an impact-resistant polyurethane toe cap. A heel protector is produced from the same material. A metal cap is supplied for off-road oriented riders, which can be screwed onto the tip of the boot. A plastic shin guard protects against frontal impacts.


A robust insert in the sole effectively prevents the foot twisting and bending in a fall, but at the same time is supple enough to allow the foot to roll while walking. The oil and petrol-resistant rubber sole has a chunky tread to provide a secure footing on more slippery surfaces.


The DESTINO Adventure offers an extra-wide opening, and closes using three rugged buckles which can be precisely adjusted in length thanks to a finely pitched adjustment system. On the shaft of the boot, a soft top edge made of Cordura keeps splashes and dirt out.


The outer shoe is deliberately not made to be waterproof. This is because the range of uses for the Destino Adventure includes off-road touring. Special design solutions are required here, such as a stitched-through sole, which makes it impossible to use a membrane in the outer shoe. Moreover, a membrane installed directly beneath the upper material would prevent the boot drying quickly if it ever gets soaked.


Of course this doesn’t mean that anyone going on tour with the DESTINO Adventure has to relinquish the comfort of a climate membrane – it’s just that the waterproof breathable layer in this boot is integrated into the inner shoe. Patented OutDry® technology not only ensures a pleasant foot climate, it also adds to the benefits of the inner shoe. This is not merely part of the boot, as it can be worn separately as a fully functional shoe, and is suitable for extended excursions on foot. And to make sure the outer shoe doesn’t go walkies while you go for a walk, there is a retractable coated stainless steel cable concealed behind the top buckle, which you can use to attach the boot to your motorbike.


As you would expect, the inner shoe is washable. The anti-bacterial footbed can be renewed if necessary, or replaced with an optionally available comfort insole.


With this unique solution, Touratech has taken the next logical step with a concept that first caused a sensation with the Compañero touring suit: riding gear components that can be used as highly functional outdoor clothing.


Features at a glance:

  • Rugged boot made from waxed full-grain leather, reinforced with protectors
  • Impact-resistant polyurethane toe and ankle protection
  • Metal cap supplied for tip of the boot, can be screwed on (option)
  • Plastic shin guard
  • Robust insert in the sole for foot stability
  • Oil and petrol-resistant chunky-grip sole for a secure footing
  • Extra-wide opening
  • Closure with precisely adjustable buckles
  • Soft Cordura top edge on shaft keeps dirt and splashes out
  • Stitched-through sole
  • Waterproof breathable inner shoe doubles as fully functional leisure shoe
  • Patented OutDry® membrane
  • Pull-out stainless steel cable for attaching outer shoe to motorcycle when not in use




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