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Imagine the thought process of this for a second. A man doesn’t fancy and can’t afford to fly his bike around the Darien Gap, that pesky bit of jungle between Central and South America filled with angry drug growing militia*. What would you do? Would you build a raft with your bike as the primary propulsion system and head out into the world’s largest ocean to skirt the bit you didn’t like? I sure as hell know that wouldn’t be my first thought. I mean, I haven’t been sailing since I was seven. Dylan had never sailed before, EVER.

*We are aware the Darien is less full of gun wielding drug growers now.


Dylan Samarawickrama is a name that’ll be familiar to a lot of you but for the many more who don’t know him, that is exactly what he did. His GSA, a moody raft and zero knowledge of the sea saw the Sri Lankan national head out on a truly incredible journey of stupidity and boyish charm. He returned to Europe and published a book with his wife, Martina, called When the Road Ends.

Last year we attended one of Dylan’s talks, where is excitement, enthusiasm and great love of travelling became incredibly clear. The tale is one we really believe deserves to be turned into a film project. It’s even more crazy from Dylan’s mouth than it sounds on the page above. The story has some many more ridiculous elements. You can buy the book, read it and pledge if you get to reading quickly, but we’ll be backing the project.

If you like the sound of the project you can view the film by clicking the play button at the top of the page.

To find out more about the campaign click here.

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To buy When the Road Ends book click here.



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