Retro vs Modern – KTM 950 Adventure vs 790 Adventure R

Fifteen years can see a lot of things change. 15 Years ago KTM were a weird, obscure off-road focussed brand with outlandishly styled bikes and barely any presence in the street bike market. Fast forward to today a KTM are in a very different place. Welcome to episode two of Retro vs Modern.


In the time between the now cult icon of the KTM 950 and the new 790 Adventure R, KTM are the a different company. They’re dominating the off-road motorcycle market, they’ve dominated the lower classes of road racing and are making headway in MotoGP. The Austrian brand however, are carving their reputation out forcefully by producing competitive and incredible motorcycles.

That got a little better again when KTM released the 790 Adventure. It’s the first bike since the 990 ceased production that has caught the public’s eye through it’s light weight and jazzy suspension. It caught us journalists too, purely through being a damn good bike to ride.


However, the 950/990 owners that haven’t bought into the hype surrounding the 790 ADV R are very vocal. They didn’t buy into the 1090 R and are still skeptical as hell. The KTM was easily the most requested comparison for Retro vs Modern, so we’ve answered the call. For the full video, click the play button above and then let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for watching!

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