Review – KTM 790 Adventure R

TheKTM 790 Adventure R is a strange bike. It looks like nothing else, is designed like nothing else and rides like nothing else. Welcome to our review.


KTM had some lofty goals to hit with the 790. They wanted it light, powerful and easy to ride. On paper at least, they came pretty close to those targets. With 20 litres of fuel, a low 189kg dry weight combined with high quality WP Xplor suspension and a fast economical 94hp engine, the 790 sounds great.


It’s only when you move away from the spec sheets that the KTM’s difference to the competition becomes apparent. The interesting design aesthetic of low slung tanks and a rally style sump guard have dramatically altered the centre of gravity. Instead of feeling top heavy, the KTM 790 Adventure R feels low, planted on the ground and purposeful.


Despite the lofty seat height the body work is slim and small. It’s more dirt bike than any street bike we’ve seen before and therefore seems more crashable and travel friendly. Plastic panels, a plastic fuel tank and full blown, dirt bike spec suspension are all a game changer.


The suspension performance helps maintain that light feeling too. By being extremely controlled, riding and slow speed movement are all equally predictable. The bike isn’t wallowing about, changing balance points or tying itself in knots and it does all of this without being uncomfortably stiff.


The 790 isn’t perfect but it’s a big step in a very positive direction. If you want to know every tiny detail, make a coffee and click play on the button above. Once again, thanks for watching.


What do you think of the KTM 790 Adventure R? Is it what you dreamt of? Let us know down below!

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