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Review – Royal Enfield Himalayan

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Royal Enfield’s Himalayan is finally here. Two years after the original launch in India, the bike is finally legal and for sale in Europe. It’s Euro 4 legal and will set you back £4000.


So what do you actually score for that kinda cash? At 1/3 the price of the R 1200 GS you get 1/3 the engine capacity. It’s a simple, 411cc engine, wrapped in a steel frame. Peak power is a small 24hp and it has just over 150 fuel range, 200mm of suspension travel, an 800mm seat heigh and the whole bike tips the scales at around 185kgs wet. The Euro 4 compliance means you get ABS as standard and fuel injection. That’s a pretty decent package for the money.


However, over the years we’ve learnt that spec sheets mean zilch in the grand scheme of the spec sheets. How a bike reads and how it rides can be a million miles apart, so we jumped on board the UK press intro, put a solid few miles into India’s finest adventure machine and put our thoughts into the great video above. Below, we’ve built a gallery of images for you to look through.



Let us know what you think down below. Does it sound like a a good bike to you?

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