Review – Triumph Tiger 900 Rally

Welcome to a new Brake Magazine review video! It’s been a while. Late last Autumn, somewhere between lockdowns we got the opportunity to review a Triumph Tiger 900 Rally. Long story short, it’s fantastic.


The Tiger 900 was a bike with a lot riding on it. When the 800 was released it seemed as though Triumphs goal was the F 800 GS. Fix some of the issues, match it where we can and rip some of the market. I’m sure in HQ they were pretty happy with how they did.

Since that bike launched the ADV market isn’t the same place. It’s just not. KTM have seen to that, Honda have seen to that and Yamaha have seen to that. At every corner bikes are becoming better, more specialised and good decisions need to be made to keep up.

“More like a better version of an F 850 GS”

What I found when I rode the Triumph, was a bike that sits very much in the centre of the mid-range ADV market. It’s good at pretty much everything, bad at nothing and is very easy to ride. I go into a huge amount more depth in the video above about the good, bad and mediocre of the bike, if you’re into it.  Now don’t get me wrong, its got some weak points and isn’t going to be the bike for everyone. It’s not a KTM 790/890 ADV R competitor, but more like a better version of an F 850 GS or a big brother to the T7 with some lovely, well executed tech added on.

And there you have it. It took me 20 minutes to say that in video form. Would love to hear your thoughts on the format, the bike and anything else. Pop them in the comments!

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