Riding Our ADV Light Build in the UK’s BEST Trails – ADV Light EP #003

We did it. We made three whole days without doing anything dumb, breaking any bikes or crashing our brains out. It was superb. This is the story of our ride.

The goal for this project was to bridge the gap between enduro riding and something more. To move on from the single day rides and into a higher degree of self sufficiency, but to retain the ability to ride really technical riding. Theoretically, we wanted to ride trails that we couldn’t be achieve on an ADV bike. More on that later…

We’ve got one more episode and podcast coming on this entire conversation, but before that, I wanted to make a travel film of the story of our ride. Wales is one of my favourite places on earth. It was home for 18 years and even if it’s not as sprawling, empty or dramatic as other parts of the world, it’s still pretty enough that it’s worthy pointing my camera at.

Wales is one of my favourite places on earth

We lucked out it with the weather in the days, the nights were fully autumnal and we got some nice photos. More importantly though, we rode some truly outstanding riding. It’s worth the effort. I hope you enjoy the film. We’ll see you in the next episode!


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