Sitting Down & Basic Corners – Minitip Monday

When it comes to Adventure and Trail Riding, sitting technique is massively overlooked. It is however, a fundamental and foundational part of off road riding that can transform your riding.


Sitting and cornering technique is complicated, dense and almost infinite in how far it can be taken. Mastering corner is literally one of the biggest challenges on a dirt bike. However, good basic sitting technique isn’t quite that complex and can make a huge difference to your experiences on your bike. It will be the difference between getting where you want to go and not getting there, between feeling confident when you’re bum is on the seat or you’re scrambling up a hill after your mates. You’ll also stop feeling like you’re about to crash on every corner.

You’ll also stop feeling like you’re about to crash on every corner.

It does however take a fair bit of time and effort to improve your technique. I typically think that sitting and moving well on the bike takes about the same time to get your head around as standing well on the bike does. Even then, improving the minutiae is a constant work process.  In this MiniTip Monday I try to explain to my partner Lucy, the basics of riding flat corners and sitting on her dirt bike.


For me this is also a technique I carry over to riding ADV bikes a lot as well. I’m typically a big ‘stand up everywhere’ type of ADV rider, especially when it’s technical, but good sitting technique has it’s place. On long days I sit a lot and on certain ADV bikes it’s works. Our T7 project bike is a good example of this.


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