Rated – Suzuki V-Strom 1000 2017

Euro 4 has companies scrambling to update their bikes and keep the sales figures ticking over. As such we’ve been graced with an enormous amount of new and updated models for 2017. The Suzuki DL 1000 is one suc... Read More...

Rated – Suzuki V-Strom 650 2017

The Suzuki V-Strom 650 is a bike that has always been just so. It’s a bike with a strong existing image of being a sensible, functional and great value bike; a bike that does what it is meant to and not a huge ... Read More...
R 1200 GS Rallye Review © Brake Magazine

Rated – R 1200 GS Rallye

In 2013 BMW raised the level of the adventure motorcycle to new heights. They created another bike that could do it all. Only this time the GS did it with more character, more refinement, huge enjoyment levels ... Read More...
Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled © brake Magazine 2017

Rated – Ducati Desert Sled

The Retro Café Racer, Scrambler, 1960’s bike fashion revolution is running stronger than ever and that means we’re getting more off the shelf bikes that look more custom built than ever. Ducati have re-styled a... Read More...
Husqvarna Sixtorp Pro GTX © Brake Magazine 2017

Rated – Husqvarna Sixtorp Pro GTX

  As a bike manufacturer, producing riding clothing is a difficult process. Bringing an expert in the field to the party is by far the best approach. Husqvarna have done exactly that to produce a gear lin... Read More...
Rev It Sand 2 Review © Brake Magazine 2016

Rated – Rev’IT Sand 2

­ Adventure riding kit has as much demand for flexibility and performance put upon it as the bikes, often with a similarly eye-raising price tag. But in the Rev'IT Sand 2, the dutch brand has an option for tho... Read More...
SWM RS 650 R © Brake Magazine 2016

Rated – SWM RS 650 R

Speedy Working Motors. Sounds amazing right? While SWM are not a household brand, the Chinese owned company are pumping out pre-KTM era Husqvarna models. The current flagship of these is the competitively price... Read More...
Spada Intrepid Review © Brake Magazine 2016

Rated – Spada Intrepid Helmet Review

British born brand Spada are not a high-profile riding gear brand. They do however have a range of products that cover almost any type of riding at very reasonable price. We put their Intrepid Adventure styled ... Read More...
BMW F 800 GS © Brake Magazine

Rated – BMW F 800 GS

The F 800 GS is now an iconic ADV bike. Just under ten years after BMW launched the weird, parallel twin, with its 21-inch front wheel, the German brand have face lifted the bike. New panelling harks at one las... Read More...