The Basics Of Downhills | MiniTip Monday

Downhills create some interesting problems. They induce primal fear in some people and nothing in others. Getting on with them requires a few well understood basics.


f ever the phrase ‘walk before you run’ mattered, it’s in downhills. Overstepping the line with a downhill is… Well it’s not the most fun. A runaway bike with a rider flapping off the back it’s the most fun experience either. The best way to avoid that being you at some point is to make sure you get the basics right. They’re relatively simple, but a tiny bit of detail helps.

For me, heels down as much as possible, and butt back to counter the weight are far more important than most give credit too. So is progressive use of the brakes over a long period of time. Jabbing brakes only makes them angry at you, the same as a person would be if you jabbed them repeatedly. If you currently jab people, I’d recommend you stop.

Hopefully this helps you on your journey to more comfort on the downhills!


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