If like us, you’re currently under a program of social isolation then you’re probably looking for things to do. So we’ve started looking for drills and things to practice to keep us from going insane. Welcome to week one of the garage bike skills challenge.

Garage Bikes Skills is exactly what it say. If you can’t do it without starting the engine, it’s not got a place in this game. For our first week of this, we’re going with the Jimmy Lewis ‘ Motorcycle Balance Drill’. Jimmy is an off-road racing, Dakar podium legend. he runs a training school in the USA.


Buried in the depths of his Youtube channel is an awesome drill for perfecting the art of getting one foot down and learning to balance the bike without using the handlebars at all. The whole premise is to be able to do achieve two directly linked skills. The first is about reducing the time you fall over when you do loose your balance. Being able to respond effortlessly when you loose your balance and recover with a foot down is fundamental skill when riding off-road.


The second part is about learning to move your body a quickly and control the bike without requiring excess input on the bike. The better you can be at not affecting the bike and maintaining balanced, the better your riding will be. So what is the challenge?


We want to see how good you can get at this in a week. It doesn’t matter what your bike is, it matters that you’re having a go. The rules are simple, longest standing on the pegs without holding the bars wins! Send us your videos or tag us in them to enter!

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Llewellyn Sullivan-Pavey

Photographer, Videographer, Writer, Motorcycle Racer, Dakar Rally Finisher and BRAKE Magazine's big dog, Llewelyn really likes to do things involving motorcycles. He also likes bicycles, coffee, pop punk and making horrendous puns.

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