The Husky ADV Light Project

Building a super light ADV bike is an interesting project. There are a lot of variations and ideas you could put into a project like this but from the outset I knew exactly what I wanted.

From building a Rolling Hobo Style 500 EXC to cross the world to a Lyndon Poskitt esque travel/rally weapon the options and ideas for light adventure bikes are endless. For long distance adventure riding, I’ve honestly never caught the bug of the super small ADV thing. That’s kinda why we’re here, to see if this bike could be my gateway drug.

The type of bike I want is a short distance, back country enduro bike. A bike I can camp with one weekend and rip the next. A bike I can take into single track and love, but has just enough to deal with the back country. It’s an Enduro weapon with a little bit of luggage and I’m so excited to build it.

I’ve jotted down the parts we’ve used so far in this build. I’ll be re-visiting this list as we go and giving full run down in the final episode of what works and what doesn’t.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Parts – 

  • Michelin Tracker Tyres with Bib Mousse
  • EBC Brakes Discs and Pads
  • DR Shox Re-Valved Suspenion with Heavier Springs
  • Acerbis Plastics
  • Acerbis Oversize 12l Fuel Tank
  • Husqvarna Tall Seat
  • MotoMinded Epic Kit Headlight
  • BarkBusters VPS MX Hangaurds
  • Motominded Stout Mount Handlebar Clamps
  • Trailtech Voyager Pro
  • DoubleTake Mirror
  • Kriega OS Base 12l Pannier Kit
  • Quadlock Phone Holder


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