The Perfect Basic Standing Position – How To

Mini-Tip Monday’s are back. Not only are they back, but they’ve got structure, thought and love piled into them. Over the last few years I’ve loved making quick and dirty tips on riding, technique and everything in between.

I also hate things not being as good as they can be, so I’ve decided to do it better. Mini-Tip Monday’s are now seasonal, running on a ten episode season with cohesion, thought and care put into it. If you want to see the full season, every Monday for ten weeks, you’ll need to be a Patreon member.


This video is all about getting your riding position correct at a base level. How you stand and move on a bike is literally the most important thing in riding technique. It will always be the limiting factor in your riding, no matter how good you are. So I’ve taken years of teaching knowledge, even more riding knowledge, a dose of human mechanics knowledge and compiled it into a video on the perfect basic off road standing position.


Luckily, the next episode in the series is all about how to stand and move when things get more complicated.


Thanks for watching!


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