The Secret Podcast

Podcasts. Everyone has one and now, so do we. In it we’ll be addressing current events, teaching, interviewing and casting strong opinions. It sounds like heaven for us.

So why is it called The Secret Podcast? Because it’s secret for everyone but our Patreon Gold Members. Our Patroen Gold Subscription is about providing a little extra value for supporting us and adding a Podcast to that is the perfect way.

On top of The Secret Podcast, Patreon Gold also provides a bike setup guide to each new bike review we complete, called Dialled In. Dialled in is intended to work as a base guide to understanding the bike a little more, getting the best from the suspension and detail on what to look out for if you’re in the market.


Ultimately, supporting us through Patreon is what’s helping us to keep making videos and we’re incredibly grateful to those that help each month. The Podcast is a fun way for us to give a little something back and show gratitude.


Episode Two is being recorded this week and will feature Chris Northover, former bike engineer turned TV presenter and motorcycle tester. He’s a wealth of knowledge, who knows more about the engineering aspects of a motorcycle than any racer I’ve ever met.


So if you’ve ever wondered why your Tenere is abrupt on roll on or why it’s so tough to make bikes light now is opportunity to learn. Pop you questions in the comments and we’ll ask them.


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Thanks for being awesome.

Llel P.


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